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Terry was the most helpful person that I have contacted for parts since I began the work on the 40 Chevrolet. I am down to the frame and attempting to install a S10/Blazer axle in the Chevy using the original springs, which I just rebuilt. All of the other 'rod shops' wanted me to replace the entire spring assembly but Terry was able to find parts that I could use with the original springs and fix the axle location problem that happens with all enclosed driveshaft Chevys. Thank you, Butch's Cool Stuff!"
~ Wendell from Windsor Heights, IA

"We have been using Butch's products for over 20 years on our cars and selling them worldwide. They're well engineered; we only sell top quality products to our customers.
~ Chris from Shoebox Central

Hey!!!! Thanks for your product!!! Makes the car amazing!!! Perfect fit and great service!!! You guys rock! ND


"The Front Axle Kit I bought from Butch's Cool Stuff looks great. Thank you for the save!"
~ Roy

"Butch, I purchased a front end drop kit and 2" lowering block kits from you for my 55 Crown Vic. Some of the guys got together and installed everything last night. The car looks exactly like I wanted it to and it rides the same as before. I couldn't be happier about the way it sits and drives. Thanks for the help and you were right about the front, it steers just as before."
P.S. You have a lot of fans in Southern Connecticut

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God Bless and it is well!
The team from Butch's Cool Stuff