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Steering: Most ANY Early Cars with an Axle

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We get this question a lot: "I would like to install Power Steering on my Hotrod, what do you have?"

This answer works for most all 26/38 Ply & Dodge cars and 26/41 Chevy cars, plus many other makes including PU Trucks through the 40's. First, my experience (40+ years) tells me that Power Steering is normally NOT needed on any of these cars. Plus, the fact that most Power Gearboxes are quite large and usually make the car feel "light" in the front end, not a good "feel" for a Hotrod.

While on this subject, we should always remember that the engine pan, exhaust and engine mounts are always a concern for Steering Box and Steering Rod Clearance. You should ALWAYS know in advance or do the steering installation at the same time you do the engine mount installation. Otherwise, maybe moving that engine 1/2" lower, taller, or farther back or forward might make a tremendous difference for exhaust or steering clearance, etc.

Back to my steering recommendations.

Please Note: An axle car/pu should NEVER have a 7" or wider front wheel and 225/70R-15 Tire on it. First, it's impossible to get the alignment correct with that combination. It will steer like an old "TRUCK." The Non-Power Cross Steering Set-Up, working in conjunction with nothing wider than a 5" or 6" front wheel, and a fairly small Radial Tire on the front, will make most any early Hotrod steer like it has power steering. It will drive excellent! I prefer the small, yet strong, and very available & affordable Vega Steering Box, or the slightly larger GM '67 Up Non-Power Saginaw box #122 or the more readily available Saginaw #525 Non-Power box (from a 70's-up Nova, Camaro, etc.).

This eliminates any "Bump Steer" problems you might incur with the old set-up. This will normally mount a Vega Steering Gearbox on the Driver's Side Frame rail, sometimes just under, or close to, your late V8 Engine mount. This usually requires welding a boxing plate (3/16" thick metal) to the rail to box it in for strength. Then our Vega Mount Plate welds to it. We have Instructional Guides for many specific applications.

These complete Cross Steering kits are available from us, (parts also available separately), which will include the Box Mounting Plate, Tie Rod with the standard Left & Right Ford Ends and the new Drag Link Rod with both Ford ends. We also include a general instruction sheet to guide you through the process. I feel this is the BEST steering set-up you can do to these cars.

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