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Steering kits for 50's Fords and Mercs

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OK, we get this question a lot: Why won't the simple steering conversion kit we make for the 49/51 Merc cars work on the 49/51 Fords? Well, as some may know and many do not, the 49 Merc was going to be a Lincoln originally when it was first designed, so it ended up being quite a bit different than the Fords of the same year. The 49/51 Ford Gearbox is set up completely different, (it is actually reversed), than the 49/51 Mercs.

We manufacture a bolt-in conversion kit for the 49/51 Merc and also the 52/53 Mercy & Ford (which are now very similar by these years) that allows the use of a 68/76 Ford F-100 Steering box in place of the original box. The 49/51 Merc Pitman Arm actually fits the newer F-100 box after filing the raised keyway out of the old pitman arm. The 52/53 Pitman Arms do NOT fit, so we modify the original F-100 Pitman arm by heating and bending it straight on the end, then filling the rod end hole and redrilling and tapering it to fit the 52/53 Drag Link end.

For the 49/51 Ford cars we offer a "Fatman's" Power Steering kit that uses the GM Center-Steer Rack & Pinion that works very nicely. This kit is offered in a weld-on kit for 49/51 Fords and also a bolt-on/weld-on kit 54/56 Fords & Mercs.

Note: "Borgeson", the Steering & U-Joint people, just came out with a major Power Steering Conversion package that says it fits 1952 thru 1972 models. So, I can only assume that my 52/53 Ford Conversion kit should also fit the 54/56 Ball Joint cars. I am planning on checking this fit out in the future, but at the present time, I cannot verify fit for these later years. I will be glad to send you a kit to try yourself, with the promise of a complete refund if it does not fit your 54/56 Ford car. Let me know?

  • 49/51 Ford
  • Steering Conversion Kit
  • 49/51 ford Pitman Arm
  • GM Center Steer Rack & Pinion