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Spindle Tech for Cars/PU Trucks using Dropped Axles

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The most reproduced front spindle for axle cars is the 37/41 Ford, commonly known as the "Round Back" Ford Spindle. The 42/48 Ford car Spindle, (also same as the 42/47 Ford PU Spindle), is commonly called the "Square Back" Spindle. It is basically the same in the shaft and bolt hole area and will accept most all Disc Brake Conversions for either spindle.

Most all Dropped Axles are set up for the Ford Spindles, since they are the most readily available, new or used. The Reproduction spindle does not have the lower Steering Arm built into it, so you must also purchase a set of the Repro Steering Arms to go along with these new spindles. It is also a good idea to purchase a set of spindles with the KingPins already FITTED as this is a machine shop job and will simplify the installation.

If you use a set of Original 37/48 spindles, you will have to heat and bend the original (part of the spindle) steering arm to lower it to allow the tie rod and drag link rod to clear everything.

Note: You must always keep the rod end hole in the same relationship to the face of the spindle & kingpin, (centerlines must remain parallel). It can be lower, but it must stay the same, in and out, to keep the "Ackerman Principle" the same. This allows the car to turn properly.

Alignment Tips:

Normally, the Caster Angle, (KingPin Tilted rearward) will average approx. 4 to 6 degrees Positive. Camber Angle is set by the alignment shop while it is on the rack. You will always have to have a new axle installation aligned on the car after installation is finished with all the weight on the suspension.

Bolt Circle - Brake Tips:

Normally we want the front and rear Wheel Pattern to be the same. If you are running a 4-1/2", 5-Lug Ford Rear axle, you will want to purchase a Disc Brake conversion that uses that pattern. Of course, using a 4-3/4", 5-Lug Chevy Rear Axle, same pattern for the Disc kit.

Disc Brake Conversions:

The kits we sell are a completely Bolt-On kit that use commonly available OEM Rotors, Calipers, Pads, etc. Check us out!

Hope I have explained this satisfactorily.