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SB Chevy Engine/Trans/Steering Mount Tips for many 39/56 Plymouth & Dodge Cars

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This tip is for our Custom OFFCENTER, (toward pass side 1"), installation of the small block Chevy (283-305-307-327-350-400V8) engine into most 1939 through 1956 MOPAR cars to allow the Steering box and column to clear fine. In the Mid-70's, many SB Chevy equipped cars, had steering column interference and they used a special Cast Iron Center-Dump style Exhaust Manifold that dumps in closer to the block and angles rearward and will clear the column. This works very well. The Sanderson Super-Short Tight Fit Angled Headers also clear.

The Engine Oil Pan will need to be the standard rear sump style.

Our Custom Trans crossmember is off center on the 42/53 Models to clear the original master cylinder/pedal mount. It also allows clearance for our new Bolt-In Pedal kit that uses a new booster-dual master cylinder set up.

Tech Tip: Our installation kit instructions will also allow you to CENTER the eng/trans when using our "Fatman's" Power Steering Kit. Then you can use the Standard Center-Dump style Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds, (on both sides), or the new Tight-Fit style Headers for great clearance

  • bolt in pedal kit
  • dual master cylinder set up
  • engine transmission kits
  • Mopar cars
  • steering box and column