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Q&A: Engine Mount Kits

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Q: I want to install a 318 engine with a 904 push button tyranny into my 1949 pick-up truck, 1/2 ton series "B." I see your kit #2188CP is for 41/52 Dodge cars, but will it work for my truck?

A: OK, most all PU trucks have what we call an "Open Ladder" type frame, (except the 33/35 MOPAR PU, which has an X-Member center, so it can use the car kits). They also are usually an Open Channel Frame Side Rail with rather straight type cross members throughout. We always recommend that you box the frame rail (welding a PC of 3/16" thick metal to the open side of the rails) at least in the areas of your mounting kits, such as where the eng mounts, trans mounts and the pedal mounts are. A MOPAR PU will usually take a #2184U, Chrysler Eng mount kit along with our 6" Drop Tube Tyranny cross member #2160U (or equivalent Chevy Eng/Trans kits). Even though these show they are for 1928/32 or 34 cars, they will work OK on most PU Trucks. Same goes for our universal Brake Pedal kits. Thanks, Butch

Q: We have a guy who wants to use one of our kits to install a 351 Windsor in his 1956 Ford Victoria Fairlane 2-door hardtop. His original engine was a 312 8-cylinder engine. He says his car has a round tubular frame eng mount crossmember. He can't see how our frame mount brackets bolt on to the frame or wherever else they would bolt on.

A: Ok, our SB Ford V8 (289-302-351Windsor) Eng/Trans Mount Kit #2507-CP is the correct one for your car. Our frame mounts bolt directly to your original mounts on that factory tubular crossmember. Just follow the illustrated instructions that we include. We also include hardware (bolts, nuts, etc.) to fasten it properly into place. It's a complete bolt-in kit. Our frame adapters are made to work with the V-8 cars, plus with the 6-cyl/wagon/sedan delivery cars, which have that tubular crossmember in a slightly different position (requires slightly shorter engine block adapters for that kit).

This particular installation allows the use of the standard Ford Front Sump oil pan for steering clearance. Plus our kits always include exhaust clearance tips, trans mount specifics, and much more info.

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