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Q&A: Dropped Front Axle and Disc Brake Setup

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Q: Got a question from a guy looking for a dropped front axle and disc brake setup for his 1937 Plymouth Sedan Delivery. Wants to know if this setup will be the same as the ones that we show for the cars we have listed.

A: OK. This answer is YES! I have been building these old car chassis, in shop, for 40 years! I have actually worked on many, many MOPAR & Chevy Sedan Delivery's and ALL of them were the same as the car chassis of the same year.

So... Sedan Deliverys will use all the parts/kits we manufacture for the same year car chassis/frames. Everything from eng/trans/rear axle mount kits to dropped axles and steering kits. Very understandable that one would think the Sedan Delivery would be different than the normal cars, but I have never run across one that wasn't on a car chassis. And, that makes these ride and drive much better than a truck chassis does.

Now... the PANEL TRUCKS are a different breed, as they are on a Pickup Chassis, NOT a car chassis. They do not use many parts that we make for the car chassis/frames. Please call if you need info for these early Panel or Pickup Truck Chassis.

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