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MOPAR SB Chrysler Engine/Trans/Steering Mount Tips for many 39/56 Plymouth & Dodge Cars

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This tip is for our Custom OFFCENTER, (toward pass side 1"), installation of the small block Chrysler (273-318-340-360V8) engine into most 1939 through 1956 MOPAR cars to allow the STOCK STEERING box & column to clear fine. In the 70's, many SB Chrysler equipped MOPAR cars, ('72 Darts & others, plus mid 70's full size, etc.), had steering column interference and they used a special Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold that dumps in the rear and wraps around the column. This works very well. The Sanderson Tight Fit Chrysler Headers might also clear.

The Engine Oil Pan will need to be the rear sump style, like the OEM MOPAR PU Trucks used, ('78 4x4 318 Truck, etc), plus all attending parts for that pan, including dipstick, etc.

Our Custom Trans crossmember is off center on the 42/53 Models to clear the original master cylinder/pedal mount. It also allows clearance for our new Bolt-In Pedal kit that uses a new booster-dual master cylinder set up.

Tech Tip: Our installation kit instructions will also allow you to CENTER the eng/trans when using our "Fatman's" Power Steering Kit. Then you can use the MOPAR Center-Dump Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds, (on both sides), or the new Tight-Fit style Headers for great clearance.

  • engine oil pan
  • small block chrysler
  • stock steering box & column