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Miscellaneous Lowering Kits, all cars, Front and Rear

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We get lots of questions on how to safely lower the front end of factory IFS 40s and 50s cars and stay with a decent ride. Mostly, you have two different lower A-Arms on these early cars. We manufacture an easy bolt-in spacer kit for most cars that have a lower spring retainer plate that is separate (riveted) to the lower A-Arm. Our kits will lower 1949/56 Ford/Merc, 37/39 and 55/56 Buick, 55/56 Ply-Dodge, 40/49 Caddy and 39/48 Chevy approx 2" to 2 1/2 ".

Take the tension off the springs first, then I usually center drill the rivets with a 1/8" bit, then work my way out to a 7/16" diameter drill bit. You can also use an air chisel to remove the heads (there are many different ways to do this). By installing our custom spacers in between the lower spring mounting plate and A-Arm, with the hardware we provide, it will effectively lower the car 2" (or slightly more) by raising the spindle that much from stock.

We recommend that you cut 1/2 of the height off the lower rubber snubber, as this lowering kit will cause the lower A-Arm to end up riding closer to the frame and you will need that extra snubber clearance for a good ride. You shouldn't have any trouble getting the car aligned properly by your local shops. Caution Note: If you have cut coils, or heated coils, or shortened coils, you should not use this type kit. It will cause the lower A-Arm to bottom out or actually ride against the frame and you will NOT have ANY ride. Tech Tip: You may, however, use this type kit with a set of Dropped Spindles or Dropped Spindle Uprights. I do this all the time with my own cars to get a full 5" drop and still retain a Great Ride and Handling car. Of course, it's extra low, and maybe you gotta watch where you go, over speed bumps, etc., but it will be safe and LOOK GREAT!

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