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Desoto Grilles

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We had a question from Derek about the differences in the Desoto Grilles that customizers use:

OK, the 1951 & 1952 Desoto Grilles have nine teeth with the last tooth on each end having a Park Light built into it going out horizontally. The
1953 Desoto Grille has 11 teeth, with park lights NOT in the grille. The center seven teeth on the 51, 52 & 53 Desoto Grilles are all the same in each grille, (and they all bolt down to the lower pan). In other words they interchange all three years. BUT... all the teeth are different, with the center tooth being the largest, then each tooth going out toward the ends getting smaller, about 1/4" shorter in height and depth. So they are all different part numbers. Naturally, the 1953 Grille is the rarest and hardest to find.

NOTE: These 51-52-53 Desoto teeth are NOT flat on the bottom, and cannot be bolted to a flat pan. You need to curve the metal pan to accept the curve in the Desoto teeth; lots of work to graft a Desoto pan to the Merc pan. But a good body man can do it!

The famous Customizer in California "Gene Winfield" manufactures a new Fiberglass Lower pan that replaces the 49-50-51 Merc original steel lower pans and are made to accept the 51-52-53 Desoto teeth as a bolt on unit. This really saves a LOT of work on installing these Desoto Grilles.

1954 and 1955 Desoto Grilles are what we call FLOATERS. Those teeth bolt to a center bar (not to the lower pan) and are much smaller. I have several diff years shown at the top of my grill page of my website so you can see the difference. The '54 teeth are slightly larger than the '55 teeth are, but are shaped the same.

Check out our NEW Polished Stainless Custom Merc Grille. They are SUPER NEAT and are a bolt-in unit. And for a lot less dollars than chroming any old Desoto Grill that's FOR SURE!