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Q&A: Dropped Front Axle and Disc Brake Setup

Q: Got a question from a guy looking for a dropped front axle and disc brake setup for his 1937 Plymouth Sedan Delivery. Wants to know if this setup will be the same as the ones that we show for the cars we have listed. [...]

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Steering: Most ANY Early Cars with an Axle

We get this question a lot: "I would like to install Power Steering on my Hotrod, what do you have?"This answer works for most all 26/38 Ply & Dodge cars and 26/41 Chevy cars, plus many other makes including PU Trucks through the 40's. First, my experience (40+ years) tells me [...]

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Steering kits for 50's Fords and Mercs

OK, we get this question a lot: Why won't the simple steering conversion kit we make for the 49/51 Merc cars work on the 49/51 Fords? Well, as some may know and many do not, the 49 Merc was going to be a Lincoln originally when it was first designed, so it [...]

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Spindle Tech for Cars/PU Trucks using Dropped Axles

The most reproduced front spindle for axle cars is the 37/41 Ford, commonly known as the "Round Back" Ford Spindle. The 42/48 Ford car Spindle, (also same as the 42/47 Ford PU Spindle), is commonly called the "Square Back" Spindle. It is basically the same in the shaft and bolt hole [...]

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Miscellaneous Lowering Kits, all cars, Front and Rear

We get lots of questions on how to safely lower the front end of factory IFS 40s and 50s cars and stay with a decent ride. Mostly, you have two different lower A-Arms on these early cars. We manufacture an easy bolt-in spacer kit for most cars that have a lower spring retainer plate that [...]

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Q&A: Engine Mount Kits

Q: I want to install a 318 engine with a 904 push button tyranny into my 1949 pick-up truck, 1/2 ton series "B." I see your kit #2188CP is for 41/52 Dodge cars, but will it work for my truck?A: OK, most all PU trucks have what we call an "Open Ladder" [...]

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