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1947-1954 Chevy/GMC Steering Info

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Recently we had a customer with a '52 GMC PU Truck that was interested in installing GM Steering in it. These type stock axles and spindles normally use a steering box mounted on the left frame rail and use a drag link down that rail that hooks to the driver side spindle. The original steering arm that bolts to the lower driver's side spindle usually has an extension of some type that goes forward and circles back around to connect to the drag link rod to the steering box.

He stated he was installing a dropped axle and was wanting to upgrade the steering at that time. He asked about our #2225 Vega Cross Steer Kit. I used to manufacture a Bolt-In GM Steering Kit for the 47/54 Chevy & GMC Pick Ups as Butch's Rod Shop, several years ago, and told him I would do some digging, as I thought I still had all the patterns.

The main difference between the #2225 Vega Kit and the #2239 GM Steering Kit is the 47/54 GM Truck Kit has a bolt-in steering mount that will accept a non-power GM Saginaw Steering box (#525 & others) or the Power Steering Saginaw box (#605). Both of these boxes are very adequate for the weight of these trucks. The complete GM Cross Steer Kit should be available from us soon, which will include the GM Box Mounting Plate, tie rod with the standard left side Ford end and special TWO hole right side end, and the new drag link rod with both Ford ends. This kit requires modification of the stock steering arms to accept our new tie rod *ends. We also include a good instruction sheet to guide you through the process. I feel this is the BEST steering set-up you can do to these pickups.

*Note: We used to manufacture (and may in the near future) the new bolt-on spindle steering arms with the 2-holds on the pass side. No modifications are needed, you just replace the stock arms with the new ones; much easier.

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